Saturday, April 19

WHAT A DAY!!!!!!!!!

Very very early in the morning ,we left for BAKRI~about 6km away from MUAR~Disitu la MRSM MUAR~dimana tournament diadakan~with the windows down,we sped off~oh!! what a great feeling~to feel the touch of the wind against our

We got there just in time to see EWANN played his first match.They won~depa main 10 sebelah~woof!!tough fight~the tackle and all~don't understand much about the rules~
bantai aja la~They looked so average outside the field~but once inside ~WOW!! dah jadi size XXL la pulak~what with their gear~when they were all decked up,they looked HUGE!!!

Lepas la rindu sang ibu pada anaknya~CUP..CUP..HUGs..n...more HUGs...haaii...sapa tak
sayang anak ooi~EWANN looked ...tanned..hitam la...agaknya terlalu banyak outdoor and taller than the last time I saw him~

Masa lunch break,bawa EWANN keluar makan and tapau utk team mates dia gak~dropped him off ~then off we went to ALOR GAJAH~hantar my son #1~PAPPOO~to UITM ,ALOR GAJAH,MELAKA~he came home for a week study leave katanya~tapi tak nampak study pun!!
Left Pappoo there and quickly rushed back to MRSM MUAR~ooofff..macam lipas kudung kita orang..letihnya Tuhan saja yang tahu...itula..anak punya pasai..apa pun kita sanggup buat..all for the name of LOVE n LOVE~

Sampai ngam-ngam time EWANN nak mula main~menang lagi~yeay..that's all for today for him~esok sambung main lagi~minta permission dari guru pengiringnya dan bawa EWANN
keluar bermalam diluar.

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