Monday, October 17

ulangtahun lagi!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

Genap 52 thn  menghirup udara segar didunia ini...syukur alhamdulillah pada mu yang maha esa.

Thursday, August 4

Salam Ramadhan al mubarak


Ya Allah! Jadikanlah puasaku dan keluarga sebagai puasa orang-orang yang benar-benar berpuasa. Dan ibadah malam kami sebagai ibadah orang-orang yang benar-benar melakukan ibadah malam. Dan jagalah kami dan tidur kami orang-orang yang lalai. Hapuskanlah dosa kami, Wahai Tuhan Kami.

Yaa Allah! Berilah aku rezki berupa kasih sayang terhadap anak-anak yatim dan pemberian makan, serta pen
...yebaran salam, dan pergaulan dengan orang-onang mulia, dengan kemuliaan-MU, Wahai tempat berlindung bagi orang-orang yang berharap

Ya Allah, telah tiba bulan Ramadhan. Wahai Tuhan pemilik bulan Ramadhan, Engkau telah menurunkan Al-Qur’an di dalamnya dan telah menjadikannya sebagai penjelas atas petunjuk dan pembeda antara yang hak dan yang batil. Wahai Tuhan kami, berkatilah kami di dalamnya dan bantulah kami dalam melaksanakan puasa dan menunaikan shalat di dalamnya. Terimalah amal-amal kami di bulan ini.

“Ya Allah, segala puji bagiMu yang telah membimbing kami untuk memujiMu supaya kami mengerti bersyukur atas segala kebaikanMu dan supaya Engkau membalas kami dengan balasan yang Kau berikan pada mereka yang berbuat kebajikan.

Ya Allah……

Perkayalah Saudara Saudara Kami dengan keilmuan
Hiasi hati mereka dengan kesabaran
Muliakan wajah mereka dengan ketaqwaan
Sihatkanlah Sahahbat Sahabat Kami supaya dapat menunaikan Ibadah dengan penuh ketaqwaan dan Kesyukuran
Serta terimalah amal ibadah mereka dengan gandaan
Karena hanya Engkau penguasa sekalian alam

Marhaban Ya Ramadhan
Mohon maaf lahir dan bathin…..
  Wishing you 1 month of Ramadhan, 4 weeks of barkat, 30 days of forgiveness, 720 hours of guidance, 43200 minutes of purification, 2592000 secs of Nuur..!!May This Ramadhan be as bright as ever. May this Ramadhan bring joy, health and wealth to all of you.... AMINNNNN

Tuesday, July 19

Masak-masak dengan anak-anak

Ini lah anak -anak mak teh yang rajin ke..dapur....dari kiri ya...AB.Ajeem.Emo dan Pappoo...seorang missing,Ewann.
Sambal Tumis Udang

Sunday, July 3

Saturday, June 25

Video: An Easy, Flat Fly-Front Zipper - Threads

Video: An Easy, Flat Fly-Front Zipper - Threads

In my umpthteenth attempt to make my own pair of pants.....
only recently I found this.I am on top of the world.
I used to find trousers very intimidating,but with this tute,hey it's no longer a challenge.

Wednesday, May 4

time to spring clean at home

Spring Cleaning Starter To Do List

  • Thoroughly clean refrigerator
  • Scrub out microwave
  • Wash cabinets
  • Clean oven
  • Wash stove burner covers and wells
  • Discard expired spices and food
  • Clean drawers and wash utensil tray
  • Throw away expired medicines
  • Wash trash cans
  • Dust blinds
  • Dust shelves and pictures
  • Clean baseboard and ceiling moldings
  • Wash curtains
  • Shampoo or steam clean carpet
  • Wash upholstered furniture
  • Wash windows and window screens
  • Clean light fixtures, globes, ceiling fans
  • Wash comforters
  • Wash pillows 

 seem a lot of work

 26th May

Hm...a lot has been done.Looking forward to school holidays. My darlings will be home.Yeay...Time to really cook...

Wednesday, March 9

Happy Women's Day

Pertama sekali  Selamat Hari Wanita[terlambat ]ambil lah seketika masa kita untuk mengucapkan terima kasih pada semua wanita-wanita didalam hidup kita.-,Ibu,nenek,anak perempuan,cucu perempuan,isteri  and all.Mak Teh berterima kasih pada emak mak teh yg tidak lagi bersama disisi,terima kasih yang tidak terhingga,siapa la mak teh jika tidak kerana emak yang dicintai yang banyak mempengaruhi hidup ini.terima kasih MAK.

Monday, March 7

up date on the sew along


I forced myself to sit and do something about the sew along is so so hard.Finally I managed or succeeded in assembling all the body,lining and the base pieces.really,it sweated me totally. all crumpled..can you imagine it?I spent the whole afternoon trying to put them together and after I finally did it,I  spent another hour just admiring it...hi  hi  hi.honestly,mine is a total mess,it's nothing compared to the other ladies punya,well at least I tried my best..Well,to think that this is my first ever bag...never mind lah.

Seeing others completing theirs,I want  to end this torture too  [well it's a torture to me ]I admit I am not a good this day, I only sewed sarong s ,made those easy peasy totes ,a little craft here and there and mend n mend.

Let us see my unfinished version.Yeay..I met with the dateline..ooff..

Can you see how stiff it is looking.I do not have the right batting,for the body I used  a thin fusible batting [ the one I got at Epal for my patchwork project ], the lining I used a thin fusible interfacing [ the kind you use for leher baju kurung] and for the base I used a thicker[ kain keras yg mak teh guna untuk buat awning tudung] for the base attached to the body and a thin batting [the same one I used for the body pieces] for the base attached to the lining.It is thick and it can sit on it's own easily.

This is the inside, so untidy,it did not fit properly,kira ok lah.

See the base,this the best I can do,please excuse my horrible work,I am sure,with a lot of practise I'll get by,maybe Sue will organize more sew along, eh..Sue ?

Oh enough is enough.I don't want to bore you with my two cents worth .Bye  and wish me luck in completing my bag.

Oh ,I bake this rustic bread this morning,you don't need aBM for this.
From This To

THIS !!!!

Saturday, February 26

up date on the sew along

Let us see,hmmm...I have finished cutting all the required,the main body, lining,base,binding and the batting and interfacing.I am always behind in whatever things I do, slow learner.My problem is that,I am not sure whether I did the right thing in cutting the body and lining.You see ,when I taped the pattern,I overlapped the round mark you get on the pattern. I realised that Sue at mybotang didn't.that means mine will be shorter kan?

Now  I am working on the tape,I did it the ol-skool way  said Sue.

Saturday, February 19

up date on the sew along

Here's the sew along time line:

Gather fabrics and other supplies 1 - 14 Feb (2 week) ---- checked
Cut out pieces 15 - 21 Feb (1 week)
Preparing the binding, button loop, self cover button and interfacing (steps 1-4 on the instruction page) 22 - 28 Feb (1 week)  
Bag exterior and lining (steps 5-8 on the instruction page) 1 - 7 March (1 week)
Binding - top edge, side top edge and handles (steps 9 - 14 on the instruction page) 8 - 14 March (1 week)
Let's see the fabric I had in mind 


                                                                      this [B]

Hmmmm,yang mana satu ya,truly,mak teh sememangnya tak pandai nak mismatch fabric ni,kainnye biasa aje.

O h ya paten dah siap diprint dari SINI .Sekarang hanya perlu memotong.So off me go and cut cut away....

Thursday, February 17

I am joining My Botang Reversible Basket Bag Sew Along

Salam ,Hello there,at last I brave myself to join this sew along.I have been wanting to do this for a very very long time ,but I have no courage to do so,afraid I might not meet the dateline,well, since this my first ever sew along ,I must make the best of it,ya.
I am a little late in joining,but this give the reason to speed things up ,eh.Oh okay,off me go to find the needed fabric.the pattern is already what am I waiting for....tada...

Sunday, January 16


Salam  di tahun baru ini.So,we are a couple of weeks into the new year now.How are your changes coming along?Mak teh refused untuk buat any resolutions,memilih hanya untuk membuat beberapa perubahan kecil,itu pun so slow sangat prosesnya.hehe he....Kita mengucapkan selamat tinggal pada 2010,tapi mak teh masih mengambil masa untuk mengingati tarikh dengan betul...slow kan?

I know we all do it......come January,Yes..It's time to clean out and organize.....yes,at home,mine that is,is really in need of better organization.Ya..tiap-tiap tahun pun,mak teh hendak berubah untuk menjadi lebih teratur.tapi tak pernah berjaya,so tahun ini nak berubah sikit saja,tak nak lebih lebih...takut tak berjaya jika kita terlalu memaksa kan?

Semalam mak teh menjengah ke rumah chef che Mat,teruja betul tengok  cucoq kelapanya,so pagi-pagi tadi mak teh pun apalagi ,,tirula chef kita tu...disebabkan tak ada kelapa muda,mak teh buat cucoq kodok je.Ada sikit lebihan pisang semasa majlis doa selamat Selasa lepas .cukup untuk sarapan tadi.Sebentar tadi,singgah[never missed] kerumah chef mamafami ,tengok ada cucoq jugak....demam cucoq kot no....

                                                         ni ha cucoq kodok  ,makan kat wakaf..

Tidak terlalu lambat untuk mak teh mengucapkan SELAMAT TAHUN BARU ya buat semua.

Wishing everyone a year filled with sweetness and spice ,a fun-filled and joyful times ,and sending much love and big hugs and kisses your way.Happy happy new year.

Wow..mak teh baru sedar lamanya tidak menjengah kesini..last post bulan May!!!!!