Tuesday, January 1


For years,I’ve been following bloggers in the blogspheres.You learn so much through reading their contents….other people cultures,food,interest and others.Now I’m trying my hands at blogging,I used to keep a diary,to jot down everything that happens to me-but not shared by others.But blogging gives me a different dimension to writing.Here people will be able to judge you through your writing..only you cannot be too personal….or cross the line…over sensitive issues.
I live in Malaysia..to me ,It is the most beautiful country in the world….that’s because I’ve never been anywhere else…save for the country where I further my studies.
I don’t know ,if anybody would want to drop by my blog…because [ my two cent worth ] really is worthless…ha..ha..Never mind, now what do I blog about?…Hmmm……….I feel comfortable to blog about food..[not that I'm a good cook],maybe about my everyday life with my big family [mind you,I have 5 growing up kids...that's a lot to tell] and all the experiences that life has given me.Nothing is so precious than to be alive..to be able to breathe and smell the air that you breathe,to wonder the greatness of THE ALMIGHTY.Khuda Hafiz for now.See you again soon.