Friday, April 18


Today I cooked so many things~nasi minyak,udang goreng,ayam goreng,acar,sambal belacan,donut,karipap and pau goreng.All because my son #2 is coming to Muar for 5th MRSM Rugby Tournament~all the way from TAIPING.Nak jamu anak sekali sekala~We left around 5.30~reached Muar just in time for Maghrib prayers~said our prayers at the Masjid Jamek by the Muar River~so picturesque~Met up our friends there~they took us to the nearby MUAR TRADERS HOTEL~checked in there~Pi pusing-pusing bandar Muar~I like it~great buildings~Oh!the view from our hotel room was simply breathtaking~we could see
a twin mosque just the opposite~on the other side of the river~cantiknya!!!!!

Oh!son #2 reached his destination at about the same time as us~The MRSM MUAR~but we couldn't go and see him~got taklimatlah and apa-apa lagi~Never mind~see you in the morning dear~

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