Wednesday, March 9

Happy Women's Day

Pertama sekali  Selamat Hari Wanita[terlambat ]ambil lah seketika masa kita untuk mengucapkan terima kasih pada semua wanita-wanita didalam hidup kita.-,Ibu,nenek,anak perempuan,cucu perempuan,isteri  and all.Mak Teh berterima kasih pada emak mak teh yg tidak lagi bersama disisi,terima kasih yang tidak terhingga,siapa la mak teh jika tidak kerana emak yang dicintai yang banyak mempengaruhi hidup ini.terima kasih MAK.

Monday, March 7

up date on the sew along


I forced myself to sit and do something about the sew along is so so hard.Finally I managed or succeeded in assembling all the body,lining and the base pieces.really,it sweated me totally. all crumpled..can you imagine it?I spent the whole afternoon trying to put them together and after I finally did it,I  spent another hour just admiring it...hi  hi  hi.honestly,mine is a total mess,it's nothing compared to the other ladies punya,well at least I tried my best..Well,to think that this is my first ever bag...never mind lah.

Seeing others completing theirs,I want  to end this torture too  [well it's a torture to me ]I admit I am not a good this day, I only sewed sarong s ,made those easy peasy totes ,a little craft here and there and mend n mend.

Let us see my unfinished version.Yeay..I met with the dateline..ooff..

Can you see how stiff it is looking.I do not have the right batting,for the body I used  a thin fusible batting [ the one I got at Epal for my patchwork project ], the lining I used a thin fusible interfacing [ the kind you use for leher baju kurung] and for the base I used a thicker[ kain keras yg mak teh guna untuk buat awning tudung] for the base attached to the body and a thin batting [the same one I used for the body pieces] for the base attached to the lining.It is thick and it can sit on it's own easily.

This is the inside, so untidy,it did not fit properly,kira ok lah.

See the base,this the best I can do,please excuse my horrible work,I am sure,with a lot of practise I'll get by,maybe Sue will organize more sew along, eh..Sue ?

Oh enough is enough.I don't want to bore you with my two cents worth .Bye  and wish me luck in completing my bag.

Oh ,I bake this rustic bread this morning,you don't need aBM for this.
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