Saturday, February 26

up date on the sew along

Let us see,hmmm...I have finished cutting all the required,the main body, lining,base,binding and the batting and interfacing.I am always behind in whatever things I do, slow learner.My problem is that,I am not sure whether I did the right thing in cutting the body and lining.You see ,when I taped the pattern,I overlapped the round mark you get on the pattern. I realised that Sue at mybotang didn't.that means mine will be shorter kan?

Now  I am working on the tape,I did it the ol-skool way  said Sue.

Saturday, February 19

up date on the sew along

Here's the sew along time line:

Gather fabrics and other supplies 1 - 14 Feb (2 week) ---- checked
Cut out pieces 15 - 21 Feb (1 week)
Preparing the binding, button loop, self cover button and interfacing (steps 1-4 on the instruction page) 22 - 28 Feb (1 week)  
Bag exterior and lining (steps 5-8 on the instruction page) 1 - 7 March (1 week)
Binding - top edge, side top edge and handles (steps 9 - 14 on the instruction page) 8 - 14 March (1 week)
Let's see the fabric I had in mind 


                                                                      this [B]

Hmmmm,yang mana satu ya,truly,mak teh sememangnya tak pandai nak mismatch fabric ni,kainnye biasa aje.

O h ya paten dah siap diprint dari SINI .Sekarang hanya perlu memotong.So off me go and cut cut away....

Thursday, February 17

I am joining My Botang Reversible Basket Bag Sew Along

Salam ,Hello there,at last I brave myself to join this sew along.I have been wanting to do this for a very very long time ,but I have no courage to do so,afraid I might not meet the dateline,well, since this my first ever sew along ,I must make the best of it,ya.
I am a little late in joining,but this give the reason to speed things up ,eh.Oh okay,off me go to find the needed fabric.the pattern is already what am I waiting for....tada...

Wednesday, February 9


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Nannie's passion giveaway

Dah lama mengikuti blog ini,ada GA lagi,Jom kita join giveaway ni,hadiah best 2-ada 4 hadiah,kalau teringin jom join

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