Saturday, August 15

gardening away with diabetes

Burning Calories in the Garden

. Here's a rough tally of the calories a person can burn during 30 minutes of the following tasks. A person who weighs more will burn more calories; a person weighing less will burn fewer.

Clearing land: 202 calories
Digging, spading, tilling: 202 calories
Planting seedlings: 162 calories

Mowing (push manual): 243 calories
Mowing (push motor): 182 calories
Harvesting vegetables: 182 calories
Weeding: 182 calories
Picking flowers: 162 calories
Mowing (riding mower): 101 calories
Watering the lawn: 61 calories
Sitting in the garden: 36 calories

Planting trees: 182 calories
Trimming (manual): 182 calories
Bagging leaves: 162 calories
Planting bulbs: 162 calories
Raking leaves: 162 calories
Trimming (power): 142 calories

whoa...I should take gardening seriously now...imagine,just by sitting in the garden, you lose 36 cal.GARDEN.....HERE I COME....

I got this at living with diabetes site.

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