Thursday, April 16



Friday, July 26


SubhanaAllah, Ramadhan Kareem.....pagi yang indah dengan sinaran sang suria....menghayati nikmat  Allah

As we waste our breath  complaining about life..someone out there is breathing their last.

Appreciate what we have.
Be thankful.
Be grateful.
Stop complaining.

Live more.
Complain less.
Have more smiles......
less stress.

Have a really blessed Ramadhan.  Aminn

Monday, June 11

cooking from the blog= mamafami

ayam panggang
bukti yang mak teh benar-benar buat.....biarlah gambar tak cantik pun.

ini breakfast Ajeem, the cheeky guy......imagine makan ni for breakfast.He was out  last night  so, didn't have dinner with us.

buat puding roti karamel juga( macam kat blog secubit garam n mamafami too)

I can never be a food blogger...never.
Hari ini nak buat apam Betawi...kegemaran mak teh.

here is that cheeky guy

Saturday, February 25

OLE OLE untuk anak-anak saudara

Hello there Khadija,as promised,a few hairclips I made this afternoon.hehe...not bad for a beginner eh

Sorry dear ,I dont know how to rotate this image...hihihi...what to expect from an old lady like me right...

3 pencil cases  for my nieces, a brooch and a hp it ?I made these a couple of days ago.
I am so sorry , if anybody happens to come by here and having problems looking at the snapshots...
when you finished I am sure you"ll have a sore neck...

Monday, October 17

ulangtahun lagi!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

Genap 52 thn  menghirup udara segar didunia ini...syukur alhamdulillah pada mu yang maha esa.